Roundtable: Building a Culture of Customer Salience

Culture of Customer Salience

On 14th September 2023, FlexMR will host our second roundtable of the year at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. Scheduled to run from 1:30pm until 4:30pm, we will be focusing on how to build a culture of customer salience. This emerging opportunity for market researchers aims to shift our ultimate focus from gaining a seat at the executive table, to having seats at many tables - where real, practical decisions are made and ensuring the influence of insight remains even once we've left the room. The event will be hosted by FlexMR Chief Sales Officer, Maria Twigge, and attended by a range of researchers from across the industry. 

Our invite-only roundtables have always provided a great forum for valuable discussion, and this time is no different – with each insight expert attending this roundtable holding a unique experience when dealing with the decision-making processes, there will be a lot of advice, tips and tricks to contribute to the discussion all centred around how to leverage company culture and build the influence of research.

For those unable to attend, we will be writing up a summary of the discussions that take place, which can be found on the FlexMR insight blog.

What is Customer Salience?

Just as brand salience measures an individual's liklihood to think about your brand in a purchasing situation, customer salience attempts to benchmark the likelihood that decision-makers think about customers when choosing a course of action. By thinking about the role of research and insight in this way, it shifts from a purely tactical role to an important and tangible aspect of company culture. Or, to phrase it a different way - customer salience seeks to understand and influence the way in which decisions are made.

There's a common objective among many research teams. To win a seat at the table. Referencing the executive table, this aim represents a desire to have influence at the very top decision-making station in a business. But is it the right way to direct our energy and attention? Research teams have, for many years, felt the pressure to do more with less. So how do we maximise the resources that we have access to? That's the goal of customer salience - to create a proactive culture in which decision-makers are engaged in the research process and customer data is a crucial commercial asset.

Over the course of this roundtable, you'll have the opportunity to practice and discuss the 4C model of building customer salience - including how to (1) challenge existing patterns of thinking, (2) create an effective strategy and tactics, (3) connect decision-makers directly to customers, and (4) collaborate to build internal bridges between teams.

Key Takeaways

  • An overview of customer salience and the emerging roles of insight teams in guiding business decision making
  • Practical experience with the 4C framework for creating an insight driven culture, including decision audits and close connection programmes
  • Discussion with fellow insight professionals on best practice, culture building and strategic research objectives

If you would like further information about this event, please reach out to your FlexMR account manager, or book direct via Eventbrite.

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