Roundtable: Approaches to Stakeholder Engagement

Approaches to Stakeholder Engagment Roundtable

On Wednesday 9th June, FlexMR will be holding our second roundtable discussion of 2021. Hosted by our Research Director, Maria Twigge, this interactive discussion for FlexMR clients will be held virtually on Zoom at 3:45pm (BST), lasting approximately 75 minutes.

Stakeholder engagement is an incredibly hot topic in market research at the moment, so much so that it came up as a discussion topic in our last roundtable event on insight strategy. How do we engage stakeholders in insight? Do we involve them in the research right from the start in a collaborative partnership? Or do we find ways to engage stakeholders after the insights have been generated, dividing and conquering so to speak?

Tactics for Engaging Stakeholders with Insight

Each stakeholder we encounter is different, will require different engagement tactics, and have ideas for themselves as to how they want to engage with research too. It’s an insight professional’s job to know how to manage their expectations and their engagement when it comes to the research they commissioned.

To do so effectively, we first need to understand what it takes to fully engage stakeholders; whether the right approach is to engage them throughout the research projects or simply as the results roll in, or a combination of both for a more personalised approach. We will be discussing all this and more with senior insight professionals at this roundtable discussion.

Key Takeaways

  • Exploring different experiences with stakeholders in research
  • Understanding the factors determining the best engagement approaches
  • Discover practical knowledge from insight practitioners across industries

If you would like further information about this event, please reach out to your FlexMR account manager, or email chris.martin@flexmr.net

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