FlexMR Launches Survey Close Connection Programme

FlexMR Launches Survey Close Connection Programme

For Immediate Release: 08/09/2021

Building upon the success of the firm’s Video Close Connection Programme, this new service from FlexMR places survey feedback at the heart of decision making.

Today, FlexMR has launched a new addition to their line of Close Connection services. The Survey Close Connection Programme is designed to equip decision-makers with the knowledge, training and support needed to conduct basic survey research on their own. It provides confidence to stakeholders and insight professionals alike that quality surveys can be used to support important decisions. By democratising access to insight and key survey skills, the service helps to form a culture of customer closeness.

The Survey Close Connection Programme will be facilitated by the online InsightHub platform. Individuals who go through the programme will be provided access to the FlexMR SurveyMR tool upon graduation. This tool has been recently redesigned to facilitate easier survey programming through a revolutionary flowchart-based interface. Access to expert tools, training and support come together in the new service to inspire greater confidence, efficiency and a benchmark standard of data quality.

FlexMR Chief Executive Officer, Paul Hudson, says of the new service, “Typically, there has been a conflict between the desire for researchers to retain quality control and stakeholders to gain increasingly fast access to insight. We believe that issue is exacerbated by a lack of robust skill training that can bridge the gap, supported by ongoing reviews and targeted engagements. However, as decision-making becomes more distributed – research teams are stretched to their limit. Our Survey Close Connection Programme has been designed in consultation with our clients – finely balancing the need to democratise access, with responsible systems of control.”

The Survey Close Connection Programme delivers a robust training course and post-training support to stakeholders so insight teams can be confident that their InsightHub investment is empowering closer customer relationships. The programme takes place in three stages that revolve around educating and supporting stakeholders in their journey to better connect with customers:

  • Scoping and Setup: At the outset of the programme, we will work with insight teams to identify key stakeholders and put together a draft training timeline. We schedule introductions and ensure that decision-makers are onboard with the course aims prior to the start date.
  • Programme Delivery and Awarding: Training is delivered through two group masterclass-style workshops and individual check-ins with stakeholders. At the end of the initial training period, we host an insight team review and award stakeholders for course completion.
  • Audits and Refreshers: Once the initial training period has concluded, we aim to conduct platform audits with research teams every 5-6 months. Our team provide tailored refresher training to stakeholders based on audit outcomes with the goal of maintaining previously established levels of quality and insight engagement.

Charlotte Duff, Head of Insight at FlexMR, states, “Throughout our years in the research industry, we’ve often found that the desire to democratise data and the need to maintain research rigour often come into direct conflict. This programme balances both requirements and promotes opportunities for increased efficiency and insight influence by providing decision makers the chance to connect with customers at scale.”

About FlexMR

FlexMR is the Insights Empowerment Company. As markets grow and consumers evolve, brands must fight to stay at the forefront of industry. To succeed in this competitive landscape, research teams need an insights partner they can rely on. A partner dedicated to their success. That’s what we do. We thrive on making insight more relevant, more accessible and more impactful - whilst overcoming the challenges that modern research, product and marketing teams face.

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