FlexMR Launches Transformative Integrated Insight Platform

Christopher Martin
Written By Christopher Martin
On Aug, 13 2018
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For Immediate Release: 03/09/2018. London, UK.

North-West based market research firm, FlexMR, have today announced the launch of their new integrated insight platform, InsightHub.

An evolution of the company’s online research offering, the firm has said that the new platform will improve the performance of their diverse array of existing research tools and services.

Underpinning the platform is a renewed focus on flexibility, agility and quality insight. Supported by a new, easy-to-use admin console, InsightHub represents a significant milestone in FlexMR’s vision to grow the role of insight and enable companies to inform every decision.

“Companies face constant pressure from increasingly competitive global markets; to even survive, a deep and accurate understanding of customers is vital,” said Paul Hudson, CEO of FlexMR.  “As a technology-led market research firm, we understand the important role that research platforms play in delivering agile insight to the hands of decision makers. InsightHub combines the flexibility of our agency roots with world class qualitative and quantitative tools to deliver reliable results at scale.”

Key aspects of the InsightHub platform, including the new admin area, have already been rolled out to a number of FlexMR clients and received a positive reception. FlexMR believes that on-demand access to the insight provided by InsightHub platform is enabling these companies to stretch research budgets further and remain competitive in the face of uncertainty.

Dorota Rewinska, Chief Research Officer at FlexMR, explains: “Research agendas are constantly shifting. As competitive landscapes change, companies must adapt research priorities to remain focused on what’s important to their customers. InsightHub has been designed with flexibility at its core in order to support and overcome this persistent challenge.”

“The research industry is full of fragmented technology that creates barriers for researchers and adds complexity. By providing a broad range of research tools into a single space, InsightHub streamlines research processes and leaves insight professionals free to focus on delivering results rather than overcoming practical challenges,” adds Neil Bartley, FlexMR Chief Technology Officer.

InsightHub will be available in four base configurations, each of which can be built on with ten distinct research tools. Every configuration is supplied with secure hosting, data security compliance checks, custom branding, a unique URL and 12 hours of dedicated support.

Project: A flexible research space that can be customised for short-term or ongoing research schedules

Community: A blend of organic and moderator-led feedback that delivers a constant stream of insight. This includes social, blogging and news feed features in addition the our ForumMR, Quick PollMR and Open PollMR research tools.

Panel: High quality, on demand insight from a responsive pool of opted-in and fully profiled participants; includes an unlimited database, a news feed and the Quick PollMR research tool.

Community Panel: Qualitative and quantitative insight at scale in an efficient, cost effective hybrid platform. This includes an unlimited participant database, blogging, social and news feed features in addition to the ForumMR and Quick PollMR research tools.

FlexMR has also re-structured its service model to better complement the new InsightHub platform. New Help Desk and Client Success teams have been created to provide dedicated support, training and onboarding to all customers. Additionally, FlexMR’s experienced research staff will offer a broad spectrum of management and insight generation services to extend the capacity of in-house research teams.

About FlexMR

FlexMR is a technology led market research firm that helps brands inform every decision with relevant insight. We believe access to a powerful mix of qualitative and quantitative tools, all in one place, enables marketing teams to maximise return on research budgets and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Our team is committed to providing the technology, expertise and vision to deliver insight capable of making a real, tangible difference. For more information, visit www.flexmr.net.

For press enquiries

To discuss press and media enquiries please contact Christopher Martin, FlexMR CMO, by email at chris.martin@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.

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We love to meet passionate research and insight professionals. If you'd like to arrange a chat with one of our team at an event we'll be attending, contact Chris Martin by email at chris.martin@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.



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