Dr Johnson Explores  Technology for Insight Activation

Technology for Insight Activation

On 15th July, Research Live published an exploratory article written by our Client Success Manager, Dr Katharine Johnson, all about The Role of Technology in Transforming Hearts and Minds. This piece draws attention to the impact, or current lack of impact, in research and insight reports, and how technology can help infuse some creativity into the insight generation and reporting processes for better stakeholder engagement.

The Role of Technology in Transforming Hearts and Minds

When we make decisions, we use either our head (logical thinking and objectivity) or our heart (emotional thinking and subjectivity) as our main decision-making tool. But are the insights that we generate as researchers enough to influence this decision-making process?

Ultimately, it all depends on getting the right insights to the right people at the right time, and technology is the key to making that happen. Dr Johnson explores the connection between technology, innovation, and the creation of insights powerful enough to greatly influence the decisions we make both logically and emotionally; technology has transformed all areas of research to help with this process. Participant recruitment, data collection and analysis, insight generation and reporting processes have been spurred on by technological innovation and we continue to push the boundaries of the way we work in order to achieve the best levels of insight activation at the end.

One way we are experimenting with creativity in insight reporting is through our Insight as Art campaign, in a classic example of how abstract thinking can lead to memorable and impactful insights. Translating digital qualitative insights into works of physical art takes a lot of creativity from insight professionals, combining the technological and the physical in a way that communicates a story and inspires engagement across a wider audience than written reports could ever hope to achieve.

There are many ways to employ creative reporting alongside using artworks to communicate insights. In this article, Katharine details 3 ways in which creative reporting methods can be developed to ensure that insights are remembered:

  • Ensure all stakeholders are on board right from the start
  • Use technology to your advantage in the data collection, analysis and reporting processes.
  • Make use of creativity to help your insights stand out from the crowd.

To find out more about the use of technology in insight generation and reporting, read the full article here. Or, to get involved with the Insight as Art campaign mentioned in the article, check out the form on this page.

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