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Paul Hudson Writes on Inspiring Stakeholder Action for Greenbook

On 30th September, Greenbook’s blog publication published an article written by FlexMR’s CEO, Paul Hudson, entitled: Inspiring Action by Engaging Stakeholder Emotions.

As insight professionals, it is our job to get key decision makers and stakeholders to pay attention to the insights that we produce and act on them for the good of the business. While we know that no venture or decision is 100% risk free, there are ways in which we can increase the accuracy, and thus the trust and actionability, of our insights.

Accuracy is one way of ensuring the initial engagement, but not a prolonged one. That, it seems, is a task designed for a more creative solution. With the initial success of our Insights as Art campaign, we’re looking to see what other creative ways in which we can capture the attention of stakeholders and key decision makers in order increase the potential of insights and actions.

Inspiring Action by Engaging Stakeholder Emotions

The first thing that Paul recognises in his article, is that there have been many articles written filled with ways in which to engage stakeholders, particularly in regards to storytelling techniques. However, very rarely is stakeholder emotion a factor in these articles. No matter how well creatively the story of the data is told, unless emotion is incited within the audience, then the story will have failed.

Data isn’t emotional, and neither are insights. Paul states that the key emotion comes from the connection that is built up between the stakeholders and the data. But there are techniques that can enhance the chances of an emotional reaction to the data, one of which is video. Simple and easy, video has been around for a good while and can create an instant connection between the stakeholders and the respondents. This direct connection allows stakeholders to immerse themselves within the data, and build up an emotional connection that will last.

Video is one medium for reporting, however in order to produce more engaging reports, the styles that are available need to be reinvented with a creative eye. Paul argues with the example of art galleries, that our emotions are stimulated by a wide variety of different mediums and styles, with each communicating emotion and prompting a reaction out of the audience. If we take the creativity of an art gallery, and apply it to a brand-new reporting style, we would create a report that had a very high engagement rate and would work well to inspire action from the key decision makers within the business.

For more innovative ways in which stakeholders can be inspired into action, read Paul’s full article here.

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At GreenBook, their mission is to connect marketers and market researchers with the people, information and ideas that will generate big results for their companies. They serve the market research industry through: Research on the industry (GRIT Publications), IIeX events, Webinars and online training, GreenBook Blog (charting the future of the industry), and the GreenBook Directory, the ultimate guide for buyers of market research.

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