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Emily James Writes on Stories & Design for GreenBook

On 16th July, GreenBook’s Blog publication published an article written by FlexMR’s Marketing Content Writer, Emily James; The Importance of Good Stories and Design: Viewing Insight as an Art Form.

As much as market research is described as a science, we must not lose sight of it as an art form too. Emily introduces this piece through a subject she is intimately familiar with, creative writing, and cites a quote from Paul Magrs which she accurately identifies as representing the characteristics of both a researcher and a fiction writer.

With all of the technological innovation within the insights industry in the past few years, it can be easy to forget about the artistic transferable skill which can serve to innovate the industry further. This article takes a second to remind us of that fact, and draws our attention to a couple of artistic examples which researchers can draw inspiration from in terms of design, realism, and engagement.

The Importance of Good Stories and Design: Viewing Insight as an Art Form

Other artistic professions and experiences can provide vital insight into the principles of storytelling and design. The first example Emily provides, is through a TED Talk from Ed Devlin. Stage sculpture design is most certainly everyone’s last guess when it comes to identifying professions on a parallel with the insights industry, however, Devlin’s strategy is unwaveringly familiar to that of a researcher when they are crafting the perfect research task or project.

The second example, is the art of the silent film, which works to answer the question “how does one tell a story without words?”, and contains a number of storytelling techniques that would prove infinitely useful to researchers looking to effectively communicate insights and recommendations, enhancing the realness of respondents through their data.

Emily then shares three key basic writing tips and techniques to keep in mind, to inform the research process from design to reporting:

  • Wording and phrasing are crucial.
  • A story needs a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Always get a second pair of eyes.

Applying the principles of artistic design and creative crafting found within many professions and experiences can really help boost the effectiveness of the entire research process. It will also help enhance the experience for research participants, which can only lead to a positive result for our industry. The full article can be read on the GreenBook website.

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At GreenBook, our mission is to connect marketers and market researchers with the people, information and ideas that will generate big results for their companies. They serve the market research industry through: Research on the industry (GRIT Publications), IIeX events, Webinars and online training, GreenBook Blog (charting the future of the industry), and the GreenBook Directory, the ultimate guide for buyers of market research.

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