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Chris Martin Explores the Role of Internal Experts on Insight Platforms

On 10th October, Insight Platforms published an article written by FlexMR’s CMO Chris Martin, entitled The Internal Expert: A new Model for Modern Research Teams. Chris discusses the topic of transforming in-house research teams into internal insight management consultancies, capable of advising which insights to explore further and maintaining a central repository of all existing business intelligence.

This is a very interesting concept, as it enhances the role that in-house research teams already have, transforming it into a more accessible and insightful resource for the rest of the business to take advantage of. This then has the direct result of enabling insights to filter through the organisation, informing key decisions, and strengthening the infrastructure that is already in place.

The Internal Expert: A New Model for Modern Research Teams

The biggest challenge insight professionals have always faced, is convincing businesses of the value of data and insights. But as a new data awakening starts to form, Chris believes there is a big opportunity for research departments to step forth and take up a position as the shepherds of insight. They can steer businesses towards a new age of enlightenment where insights are the key to unlocking the true potential of their organisation.

So, what does this look like in practice? Chris draws mention to the earlier phrase, ‘Insights Management Consultancy’, which is the most straightforward route for research teams to take. In this role, insight professionals will do what they do best, take the data from customer analytics and combine them with context to draw out the best actionable insights to then inform key business decisions. But there is a secondary function, Chris argues, that will be pivotal to the success of research teams, and that is to create, manage, and maintain a central repository of all existing business intelligence.

However, this still only leads us half of the way to getting insights the recognition that they deserve. The written reports that have dominated the end of the market research process are getting harder and harder for key stakeholders and decision makers to engage with in an increasingly visual world. There are creative techniques that have been employed to try to enhance the reach of a written report, such as storytelling techniques, but even that is starting to lose its effectiveness.

Read Chris’ article here to find out how to complete the final step to get stakeholders to sit up and listen to truly actionable insights that have the power to transform their business.

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