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Paul Hudson Explores AI on Voxpopme Perspectives Vlog

FlexMR CEO, Paul Hudson, took part in Perspectives most recent vlog on 27th June 2019, which explores the impact of AI on the insights industry. Episode 18 aims to explore the influence that AI is likely to have on the research conducted within research agencies, and the transformative effect it will have on how we view the resulting insights.

This vlog features Paul as one of four industry professionals commenting on this topic and exploring their reasoning for their views; the other experts who joined Paul are: Jonathon Williams (Founder of Discover.ai), Baille Buchanan (Co-Founder and CRO of Research for Good), and Andrew Konya (CEO of Remesh.ai).

A.I. promises to have a huge impact on the insights industry, with some impressive solutions hitting the market in recent years. As AI gets smarter research will get easier, more accurate, and quicker to conduct, which will enable research agencies and in-house insights teams to generate more insights without compromising on the quality necessary to make decisions with accurate supporting information. However, this will have a profound effect on how we view the resulting insights that are generated from this more evolved iteration of research.

Episode 18 – When A.I. really blossoms, how will it affect your approach to research and the wider insights industry?

Episode Transcription

In this episode, our panel of experts discusses how A.I is impacting the industry and what the future holds, answering the question: How will Artifical Intelligence influence your research and the wider MR industry in the next 5 years?

Each expert focussed on a different angle when exploring how AI will enhance market research; Paul stated: “AI will have a huge impact on the insights industry. The main impact it will have on our insight business is that it will enable us to inform more decisions across a business.

At the moment, the amount of decisions that we can influence using customer insight is constrained, because of the number of projects we can run either for budget reasons or because of time and resource issues. The internet has improved the amount of decisions we can inform, but it will increase with AI, and allow us to get to more decisions faster because it will power up and multiple the amount of data analysis that we can process at any given time.”

About Voxpopme Perspectives

After starting in 2017, the Voxpopme Perspectives vlog currently has 18 episodes to its name and is one of the more popular MRX vlogs within the industry. Video is inescapable. It provides us all with a better way to express our thoughts and feelings. And that’s why we’ve created Perspectives, a one-of-a-kind market research vlog bringing together leading voices in insights, one question at a time.

It’s a vetted community of experts who collaborate on video content together, and it offers you a rich and diverse range of opinions from peers in your industry. Each month the contributors come together and tackle a question which is then edited into a showreel so it’s easy to watch and flick through. An accompanying blog post provides the best quotes for you to read through and share.

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