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Charlotte Evans Draws Parallels Between Insights & Gaming for Quirks

On 1st October 2019, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review republished an article written by FlexMR Research Associate Charlotte Evans, entitled The Gamification of MR. Quirk’s have republished this article as a part of their Research Industry Voices online publication.

Market research has evolved to be more than just surveys, focus groups, and reports. These days the insights industry shares a myriad of tool and techniques with other industries such as psychology, theatre, and even the gaming industry! With multiple sources of innovation to choose from, researchers can tailor their own skillsets in order to become a fully unique insights professional. Our Research Associate, Charlotte Evans, has looked through the insights that we can learn from the gamin industry and pick out five of the most prominent for our perusal:

Lessons from the Gaming Industry

1. The Impact of Storytelling

Everyone loves a story, which is the reason why they’re the oldest, most successful means of communication and entertainment in the world. The gaming industry utilise stories well by inserting compelling narratives into their games which work to keep players engaged right up until the end. For researchers, storytelling is a positive reminder of how insight should be reported to enable memorable key takeaways to be shared amongst stakeholders.

2. Gamification Tools and Techniques

Gamification is a term which has propelled its way into a variety of industries, with the research industry being no exception. As a principle, gamification aims to integrate gaming elements into non-gaming scenarios in an attempt to increase an individual’s motivation to take part and engage in specific activities. Gamification attempts have proven very successful and just as engaging for researchers and stakeholders as well as the participants.

3. Engaging Communities

During the last decade, technological disruptions such as social media have dramatically broken down societal constructs like a perceived sense of belonging and social connections. A variety of video games offer a realm of collective game play, and by doing so, enable gamers to fulfil their need for social interactions with others. When executed correctly, insight professionals (as well as brands) can work to stimulate these psychological needs through the creation of online brand communities.

4. Virtual Reality and Immersion Tactics

A major strength of the gaming industry has been its rapid adoption of innovative technologies such as virtual reality (VR). One major benefit of VR technology over other more traditional research methods is that, VR can deliver real-time insight into consumer behaviour. This has proven to be a particularly successful approach within the retail industry, which has used VR to capture valuable insights through stimuli testing concepts such as store designs.

5. ‘Incentivised Participation’ Doesn’t Always Mean Money

Gamers participate in gaming for a variety of reasons, but financial incentives are regularly one of the main appeals amongst players who frequently enter competitions. While I’m not suggesting research professionals should offer huge sums of money for respondents’ participation, I do want to bring your attention to participants’ motivations to take part in research studies. An adaptive approach could be taken to incentivise participants.

There are lots of lessons that researchers can learn from the gaming industry, however these five that Charlotte has drawn attention to are the most applicable to the enhancement of the current research experience. For more information, read the full article here.

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