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Emily James and Quirk's on the Ideal 7 Step Market Research Process

On 6th September, Quirk’s Marketing Research Review publication republished an article written by FlexMR’s  Emily James, Cracking the Market Research Process. Originally published on the FlexMR Insight Blog, the article appeared under the title:  A 7-Step Market Research Process for Guaranteed Success and detailed a market research process that offers the best chances of success.

As a disclaimer, there are no ways to absolutely guarantee success. However, there are steps researchers can take which can make success the most likely outcome. This seven-step agile research plan is one of those guides to help businesses and researchers understand the great potential of applying an agile research process.

Cracking the Market Research Process

Successful research doesn’t have to be complicated.

1. Firstly, a plan

Creating a plan is the pivotal first step in this process. This plan should be created with the participants in mind, making the research as accessible as possible, and should include a detailed outline of the objectives (both research and business aligned).

2. Plan Implementation

Implementing the plan is the natural next step. This means creating and setting up the research tasks, inviting the participants to take part, and moderating the tasks and watching the insights pour in. However, this also means keeping an eye out for elements that don’t/won’t work or need changing in order for the research to reach its full potential.

3. Research Evaluation

As the process is implemented, the third evaluative step begins: the researcher implementing the plan should be aware enough to consider any limitations that presented in the implementation stage. These limitations can be spotted through studying the participants’ reactions to the research and the data generated. Agile research such as this is the key to all successful business endeavours.

4. Refining the Plan

In order to be fully agile in your research process, taking the insights gained from the evaluation stage and using them to change and refine your research process is critical. These valuable evaluative insights will point towards what can be done to improve the research process.

5. Implementing Improvements

Similar to step number two, this step is all about implementing the new plan with all of the improvements, which were identified in the evaluation and refining stages. In this stage, going through the tasks already set up and making the improvements identified, and setting up new tasks will enable a more accurate, enjoyable, and ultimately a more successful research process.

6. Reporting insights

This report compiles and segments all of the actionable insights gathered from the whole process. There are a good range of insights that can be gathered from here, so segmenting them into the relevant categories will be necessary for ease of finding them again.

7. Actioning Insights

Actioning the insights is the last step in a successful research process, and is arguably the most important step of all; each step in this process will have been for nothing if the resulting insights aren’t actioned upon.

This order is great to start off with, but researchers shouldn't be afraid to repeat the evaluative and improving steps as many times as necessary to get the best results possible. Read the full article here.

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