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Paul Hudson Discusses Uncomfortable Truths in Quirk's

On 25th July,  Quirk's Marketing Research Review publication republished an article written by FlexMR's CEO, Paul Hudson, entitled 5 Truths about the Insights Industry. Originally published on the FlexMR Insights Blog as 5 Uncomfortable Truths about the Insights Industry, this article explores the truths insights professionals must embrace if the industry is to evolve into something more efficient. 

We must acknowledge that market research has taken some great evolutionary steps with the help of technological advancement, however that isn't to say that the industry has reached its full potential. That might never happen, but there are obstacles in the way that we must overcome in order to boost the efficiency of research methodologies and problem solving.

This article graciously reminds us of the truths which we need to keep in mind as obstacles that stop us from becoming the best researchers we can be. 

5 Uncomfortable Truths about the Insights Industry

The insights industry is full of innovation and expanding horizons and is steadily gaining more and more traction within boardrooms. However, there are certain uncomfortable truths that must be uttered out loud in order to fully embrace and move past them:

1. Promoting Insights over data

We are in danger of forgetting our industry's purpose and instead are promoting quick and easy data at the expense of valuable insights. 

2. Survey samples no longer random

The quality of research samples has declined over the last two decades according to Paul, as a result of technology altering the way consumers wish to be interacted with. This means that samples aren't random anymore or representative of the population.

3. No quality in quick turnarounds

Every researcher is in a rush to inform agencies at the speed of business as much as possible. However, if this is not managed properly, then we are risking the quality of our research and resulting insights for the sake of faster processes. There are ways to manage this, but pushing for absolute speed is not the answer.

4. Insight not always the goal

Contrary to popular belief, insights are not always the goal. Sometimes it's the cold need to confirm a decision or inform a pre-calculated decision. These are all of equal value to an organisation. 

5. Reports don't always add value

For most researchers, they are taught that the report is everything, but does this still stand true? For most cases, the clients already know a lot of the information that goes into the resulting report, so are there better ways of delivering insights at the end of a research experience?

Obviously there are many more uncomfortable truths still to be revealed within the industry, but these five are the main five that we need to consider. However, all of these truths all point to one thing, that the industry is evolving yet again. The full article can be read on the Quirk's website.

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