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RBDR and FlexMR Discuss the Value of Insights Professionals

In December 2018, FlexMR’s North American Client Development Manager, Heather Wendlandt posted an article discussing the contributions insight professionals make to the insights industry and the company they work for. How Insights Professionals Contribute to Revenue Growth explains in detail how much revenue market research and insights professionals generate for companies through the actionable insights they generate and the outstanding ROI that can be achieved when research is done correctly.

While actionable insights and ROI are common terms within businesses that are heard on a near daily basis, the topic of the insight professional’s role in achieving revenue growth isn’t widely discussed. Insight Professionals are the key to effectively utilising market research and extracting the best insights for company growth; however firms don’t necessarily see the value as the insights generated are typically incorporated into other departments and processes, thus getting lost in the recognition awarded to the effective use of insights. 

In her article, Heather clearly details the role of an insights professional, before going on to discuss their critical part in enhancing return on investment typically gained from extensive research and new product developments. Citing statistics and examples from sources such as the Bureau of Labour Statistics and The Journal of Service Research, Wendlandt explores the important contributions insight professionals make on a daily basis to the growth and success of the business they work for. 

The Role Further Explored

Recently, the article was picked up by Bob Lederer of RFL Communications and explored in-depth in his latest video report. Lederer succinctly detailed the key points within the article, and mentioned FlexMR’s exciting work with Isagenix as an example of how ROI can be enhanced through the use of online community research into customer advocates and new product development. 


In summary, it is explained that Insight Professionals contribute more to their company than is actually acknowledged. They are an integral cog in the company mechanism, enabling slicker and more insightful decisions to be made on a daily basis for the betterment of the company.

This isn’t the first time one of FlexMR’s articles has been noticed by Lederer; in 2016 FlexMR’s now Information Security Manager (then Insight Manager) wrote an article on the Paradox of Mobile Market Research which was a topic of much discussion when our CEO Paul Hudson was invited to respond to the article within Lederer’s video review.

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