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Maria Twigge Bridges Art, Insight and Technology in Research Live

On 18th September, Research Live published an article written by FlexMR’s very own Research Director, Maria Twigge! Entitled Art and Technology: The Future of Market Research, this article draws attention to the benefits of the insights industry embracing technology.

Technology is a great boon for creativity in numerous ways. From the creation of new artistic mediums to the enhancement of creative tools, this can only enhance the creativity that the insights industry holds in great supply. It seems like the mission of all insights professionals, is the engage key decision makers within the research process, and educating them on the potential that businesses can reach through acting upon valuable insights. Creativity is the key to better engagement, and better engagement means more informed decisions and improved business growth.

Art and Technology: The Future of Market Research

Maria starts off by noticing how far the insights industry, and by extension the role of professionals within it, has evolved in recent years through technological advancement. But however technological the field might have become, there is still an art to research, to insight development, just as there is an art to engaging stakeholders within the insights generated. No matter how much science has been injected into the research process to make it more accurate, there is art down to the very foundations of market research.

So how does technology and art intertwine to achieve the best results? In many ways, actually; too many ways to fully discuss in one article. So, Maria has focussed on how art and technology blend together for creative data visualisation. We are already creating brilliant, with some even breath-taking, visuals of data, that have an immense impact on those who see them. This great graph of global temperatures is one example that Maria uses, as the impact is just stunning, and the balance of artistic and technical skill it took to create this visual is exactly what the insights industry needs to replicate for the continued success of market research.

The future of market research is stepping outside of the data cocoon that we have enveloped ourselves in, and back into the creative world. Maria states that research as it once was doesn’t really exist anymore, but there is great potential for the future of the insights industry, if we rely on technology and art, agility and creativity, in order to foster action through engaging insights.

For more great examples and insights, read Maria’s full article here.

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