Housing Association Develops Co-Creative Community Panel

Find out how Curo used their VoiceBox Community Panel to connect with current customers and engage in a co-creative approach to service development.

The housing association, Curo, has over 25,000 customers, making it one of the largest landlords in the South West of the UK. The company recognises that a customer-centric approach needs to be actively maintained in order for it to be truly successful. 

With the release of the UK Government's Social Housing Green Paper, Curo decided to take the opportunity to ramp up it's market research efforts to see which services and processes its customers - tenants - thought could be improved or redesigned to better suit their needs. Curo also first needed to establish an active community of customers who would play an active role in these updates and developments. 

Using a range of both quantitative and qualitative tools, Curo set up a dynamic and engaging research schedule which was adaptable and insight-led, which would result in actionable insights to be used across all of the departments within the business. Read the case study to find out:

  • How to design a continuous insight-led project to improve customer-centricity strategies
  • How Curo used a range of quant and qual tools to develop and improve new and existing services.
  • The significant driving forces behind Curo's improvement and market research
  • How to use a community to evaluate and redesign organisational policies and services