Ennera inform market entry with insight

Discover a stage-gate model of consumer intelligence that helped Ennera make a tough choice.

Ennera are a well established player in the Spanish renewable energy market. However, the company faced a tough choice - whether to expand their presence into the UK market or invest further in European countries. Facing the contraints of a limited research budget and a short space of time, Ennera were in need of an innovative solution.

To ensure we could deliver maximum return on research investment, we proposed a stage-gated model of consumer intelligence to insight managers. This would provide the flexibility required to design & field rapid fire research tasks that could be conducted sequentially. Such a model meant that Ennera were always in complete control of insight investment and would only progress if the previous stage displayed positive indictors. Read the case study to find out:

  • How we developed a 4 stage confirmatory research process
  • The role of agency flexibility in insight generation
  • What factors affected the localisation of market research 
  • The qual & quant tools used to understand consumer intelligence