Greenvale respond to market changes

Find out how a managed panel from FlexMR helped Greenvale respond quickly to market changes.

Greenvale are a leading supplier of fresh potatoes to UK supermarkets. They are constantly innovating and keep a finger on the pulse of consumers nationwide. However, their insight has been hampered by constrictive agency relationships that did not provide the flexibility and agile service that Greenvale required.

Our relationship with Greenvale is rooted in a deep understanding of their needs. We worked together to create a panel that could provide actionable insight at speed, while combining the core strengths of our expert researchers with Greenvale's own in-house team. Download the free case study now to find out how:

  • The FlexMR model gave Greenvale the freedom to run research their way
  • Flexible panel management options supported regular recruitment
  • Dynamic sampling provided a stead flow of 'research ready' participants
  • A panel based solution improved the cost effectiveness of Greenvale's research