SkyBet insight encourages responsible gambling

Find out how our research tools allowed SkyBet to seamlessly communicate with consumers in order to build an effective responsible gambling tool.  

SkyBet is the UK’s most popular online sportsbook, offering safe gambling experiences across a range of media. With the aim to become the UK's best digital business, the team have been taking action to promote responsible gambling practices. In order to achieve this they required a range of market research tools that would allow them to gather data into what their customers wanted in a responsible gambling tool. 

Using primarily survey and focus group tools, SkyBet's in-house research team created and managed a number of research tasks, both anonymous and branded, in order to gain a representative opinion from both customers and consumers on what a safe gambling environment would be like. 

SkyBet's VoC research impacted the firm in a variety of ways; from improving customer service interactions to shaping their reputation as a responsible gambling operator, SkyBet were able to quickly  identify key issues and improve the quality of their decision-making. Read the case study to find out:

  • How SkyBet built the safe gambling environment through research
  • Why customer relationships are so important to successful business
  • How to use survey data in order to make insightful in-the-moment decisions
  • The role of online market research in business development