Creating a Central Hub of Customer insights with Specsavers

Find out how Specsavers used quantitative research to enhance their health campaigns, decision-making process, and products all at the speed of business.

The multi-national health service, Specsavers, are recognised experts in their field of optometry and audiology. The brand prioritises customer-centric strategies, meaning that they put the insight of their customers at the heart of every decision.

Specsavers face a continuous complex challenge; in their marketing, positioning, and development efforts, they need to strike a balance between upholding their reputation as health professionals with their need for emotional impact and appeals. Specsavers also needed to speed up the time it took to make and action important decisions, meaning that the communication within the business needed to be accurate and efficient.  

Using only quantitative research tools, Specsavers have set up an online research panel and are currently conducting more research than ever, in an effort to deliver valuable insights to different departments to implement immediately. 

With a mixture of structured and ad-hoc research techniques, Specsavers have had continuous access to valuable insights, which feed into both the improvement of products and services, as well as their research, shaping future research experiences. Read the case study to find out:

  • How Specsavers balanced emotional impact with clinical accuracy in their 'Don't Lose the Picture' campaign
  • How to close the perception gap between how a brand is perceived and how they want to be perceived
  • How Specsavers is speeding up decisions made in a variety of departments all at the same time
  • How to design a continuous insight-led project to improve customer-centricity strategies