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Discover a diverse range of insight-led resources to inspire informed decision making.


InsightHub Market Research Platform Demo

Discover InsightHub, our enterprise grade platform that enables brands to inform every decision at speed.

FlexMR Platform, Tools and Services Rate Card

See our cost effective solutions that enable insight teams to maximise return on research investment.

SkyBet Uses Insight to Create Safe Gambling Environment

Through in-depth research, a responsible gambling tool and environment has been created to customer specifications. 

Understanding Modern Subculture Evolution

Track subcultural changes to create better strategies and discover new marketing opportunities.

Building Brand Engagement: MRS Financial Services 2018

Explore how The Coventry Building Society used customer feedback on CX to enhance brand engagement and trust.

A Research Model for Uncovering Truth

Truth is tough to define. But  consumer truths are used to inform many decisions, and need to be as accurate as possible.

FlexMR Insight Delivery Services Brochure

We know the value of a flexible partner that offers a full complement of insight oriented services.

Heather Wendlandt to Expand FlexMR US Presence

FlexMR is set to further expand US presence with strategic hire of GlimpzIt's Heather Wendlandt.

FlexMR Management Services Brochure

A well maintained insight platform is key to generating high quality data. These services streamline that process.

Isagenix Places Customer Insight First

The IsaInsights panel, built on InsightHub, has acted as a vital element of the Isagenix Voice of Customer programmes.

FlexMR Launch Integrated Insight Platform InsightHub

InsightHub, the next evolution of our platform, builds on existing research tools and services.

FlexMR Promotes 4 to Prepare for Further Growth

FlexMR promotions enable creation of new client help desk to provide an enhanced customer experience.

How Blockchain Will Revolutionise Insight Industries

As privacy scandals rock consumer confidence, will blockchain become the future of insight?

FlexMR Company Credentials Deck

FlexMR has been at the forefront of developing practical innovations in online research for over a decade.

Engaging Disabled Groups in Research: MRS Impact 2018

Exploring the positive impact effectively applied market research can have on disabled groups.

InsightHub Platform Brochure

InsightHub is the enterprise grade research platform that enables brands to inform every decision at speed.

SurveyMR Research Tool Brochure

Engaging, dynamic surveys with a range of question types that don’t compromise on quality.

An End-to-End Customer Experience Framework

Brand, product, customers and employees all have a role to play in creating memorable expereinces.

Question BoardMR Research Tool Brochure

Question BoardMR enables the asynchronous exploration of complex opinions, beliefs and values.

5 Technologies for Automating Market Research

Five of the best tools for automating market research tasks without compromising on quality.

Isagenix Customer Panel Extends to 8 Countries

Isagenix have expanded customer insight panels into 8 countries after marked commercial success with FlexMR.

ForumMR Research Tool Brochure

Browsers pose the greatest threat to enterprise. Browsers pose the greatest threat to enterprise.

Live ChatMR Research Tool Brochure

Live ChatMR is our focus group tool for real-time exploration of spontaneous and instant reactions.

Consumer Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence

Our AI survey examines consumer perceptions, fears and aspirations for today's artificial intelligence.

A Qualitative Data Analysis Challenge at IIEX 2018

Find out what happened when we pitted our expert qualitative experts against the machine in an analysis face off.

FlexMR Services Brochure

Our team are dedicated to embedding insight across organisations and decision making processes.

Community Panel Configuration Brochure

The best way to gather qualitative and quantitative insight at scale in an efficient, cost effective hybrid platform.

The Truth About AI in Market Research

AI powered tools are flooding the insight industry, but what impact is artificial intelligence really having?

SmartboardMR Research Tool Brochure

SmarttboardMR enables image-based discussions for creative, collaborative feedback.

Community Configuration Brochure

Our communities are a blend of organic and moderator-led feedback that delivers a constant stream of insight

Qual 360 North America 2017 Seminar and Panel

Join us at Qual360 in Washington DC for a seminar discussion and panel debat on the state of mass qual.

How to Design a Market Research Chatbot

As the pace of automation accelerates, learn how chatbots can be used to speed up basic research tasks.

How to Apply Virtual Reality to Market Research

Growing rapidly, virtual reality offers researchers a plethora of opportunity if considered and applied thoughtfully.

Explaining Research Chatbots at Qual 360 Europe 2017

At Qual 360 Europe 2017, we'll be answering the question of whether chatbots can enable mass qual.

The Truth About Achieving Agile Insight

Often described as faster and cheaper, agile insight is actually a complex but rewarding iterative methodology.

ScrapbookMR Research Tool Brochure

An image oriented tool that encourages participants to build detailed visual expressions.

The Five Top Market Research Trends of 2016

Discover the issues and innovations that have most heavily impacted the research industry over 2016.

Panel Configuration Brochure

High quality, on demand insight from a responsive pool of opted-in and fully profiled participants.

Ennera Informs Tough Decision With Consumer Intelligence

When facing a tough decision on market entry, Ennera turned to consumer intelligence.

The Top 4 Most Powerful Ways to Humanise Big Data

Learn how to translate Big Data into powerful, engaging stories that have a real business impact.

DiaryMR Research Tool Brochure

An innovative way to present recurring tasks that capture gradual changes in opinion.

Swift Grow Insights Business With Qual Tools

Innovative Swift Research quickly expanded capabilities through our suite of online qual tools.

A Marketer's Guide to Millennial Shoppers

Brand values matter to Millennial shoppers. Learn what else matters most to this diverse, valuable cohort.

Research Business Daily Report Discusses Mobile With FlexMR

Bob Lederer of RBDR and FlexMR's Louisa Thistlethwaite discuss the difference between online and mobile research.

A Beginner's Guide to Mobile Market Research

Effective mobile research that enhances marketing with valuable in-the-moment insight.

Project Configuration Brochure

Our most flexible platform configuration, designed to support varied, dynamic research schedules.

The 7 Most Deadly Market Research Mistakes

Not all mistakes are equal. These 7 can damage research projects and programmes beyond repair.

Quick PollMR Research Tool Brochure

The best way to generate instant, quantitative results that stimulate engaging discussions.

Integrated Panel Drives Sure Customer Centricity

In the competitive telecoms market, Sure uses an engaged, insight-driven panel to build customer closeness.

Retrospective Community Analysis at Qual 360 Europe 2016

Join us at Qual360 Europe to learn how we drive customer satisfaction through community analysis.

The Most Creative Ways to Visualise Boring Data

Learn the creative tactics researchers are adopting to engage stakeholders and drive informed decisions.

Report CardMR Research Tool Brochure

The perfect way to stimulate creative and thoughtful feedback in a simple, responsive format.

Greenvale Maximises Budget with Ongoing Panel

To support complex supply chain decisions, Greenvale integrates data from an InsightHub panel.

Open PollMR Research Tool Brochure

Open PollMR offers the quickest way to get answers; a single open-ended question.

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