Basics of Quick PollMR and Open PollMR

The two polling tools available within InsightHub make it easy to create single question qualitative and quantitative tasks.

The FlexMR InsightHub platform comes equipped with two great tools for conducting single question polls. Between them, Quick PollMR and Open PollMR enable our clients to create single, multiple choice and open-ended text questions.

A real valuable way to increase engagement across your InsightHub platform, take a quick dip of temperatures on a variety of topics, or get quick answers to simple questions - there's a lot that can be achieved through these tools.

In this three-part email series, delivered over the course of a week, we'll run you through the basics. This will include the key differences between the tools, how to set up and manage tasks, and creative use cases for each. Specifically, here's what you'll get:

  • Day #1 - An overview of the key differences between Open PollMR and Quick PollMR
  • Day #3 - A deep dive into setting up and managing Quick PollMR tasks (with use cases)
  • Day #5 - A deep dive into setting up and managing Open PollMR tasks (with use cases)
To sign up, simply fill out the form on this page and you'll receive the first email within a few minutes. You can also view the full list of available InsightHub email courses here, or click visit our Help site where full documentation is available.