The Fundamentals of Question BoardMR

Question BoardMR is an asynchronous focus group tool perfect for large scale discussions with theme and thread categorisation.

Question boards provide a space for more thoughtful, considered qualitative expression. Equipped with granular controls over question scheduling, stimuli sharing and member interaction - Question BoardMR is a smart tool that helps researchers build custom research experiences.

Embed video and image-based stimuli directly and make use of a wide range of formatting options to give your participants the freedom of expression. HTML formatting, emojis and image upload facility all contribute to a dynamic group discussion, where participants take centre stage.

In this three-part email series, delivered over the course of a week, we'll run you through the basics. This will include how to set up new Question BoardMR tasks, add questions and moderate live discussions:

  • Day #1 - An overview of the Question BoardMR tool and how to set up boards
  • Day #3 - A deep dive into creating new questions for question boards
  • Day #5 – A look at moderating conversations and a real-life example

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