The Fundamentals of ScrapbookMR

Scrapbook tasks offer a way for platform members to create visual libraries either individually or collaboratively in response to research questions.

Scrapbooks are a personal, visual and detailed window into the mind. More artistic and expressive than words alone, a digital scrapbook can embody emotions effectively and fluently. Group projects are perfect for stimulating discussion and studies and generating subconscious projective feedback. Meanwhile, individual scrapbooks are free-form exploratory dives into the consumer mind.

Both moderators and participants can comment on individual images to discuss the meaning and impact behind choices. Images can be tagged and categorised to easily understand common themes.

In this three-part email series, delivered over the course of a week, we'll run you through the basics. This will include how to set up new ScrapbookMR tasks, moderate live tasks and sharing two real-life use cases:

  • Day #1 - An overview of what scrapbooks are and how they appear
  • Day #3 - A deep dive into creating a new ScrapbookMR task
  • Day #5 – A look at moderating scrapbooks and two real-life examples

To sign up, simply fill out the form on this page and you'll receive the first email within a few minutes. You can also view the full list of available InsightHub email courses here, or click visit our Help site where full documentation is available.