The Fundamentals of SmartboardMR

SmartboardMR allows participants to comment on images, leaving sentiment tags and written explanations of their opinions.

This innovative tool acts as a visual forum for discussion. Designed to encourage collaborative, creative feedback, participants can pin sentiment tagged comments anywhere on the uploaded stimuli.

Participants can colour code any tag - green for positive comments, amber for neutral and red for negative. Alternatively, researchers can manually code any non-tagged comments after the task has been completed. SmartboardMR uses this data to generate detailed heatmaps, displaying the most and least popular elements of the image.

In this three-part email series, delivered over the course of a week, we'll run you through the basics. This will include how to set up new Smartboards, add images, manage live tasks and look at real-life use cases: 

  • Day #1 - An overview of SmartboardMR and its core functions
  • Day #3 - An in-depth look at adding and configuring images
  • Day #5 – Detail on how to manage Smartboards plus a real-life example

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