A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Communities

Learn all about online communities in our new 3-part email series exploring the fundamentals, 2 real-life examples, and the benefits and limitations of dedicated online research communities.

As a staple of market research, online communities are a brilliant platform for valuable insight generation when used right. After re-familiarising ourselves with the purpose of online communities, explore who usually partakes in a community, and the reason why they're so popular. 

After a brief introduction, we'll take you through two brilliant use-cases of brands who have mastered the online community for research purposes: Formula 1 and The Coventry Building Society, with each examples showcasing different ways of utilising online communities and what the insights have achieved in each brand. 

Then let's take a look at the benefits and limitations of online communities, and what this means for your own research project. Do you need an online community, or are you better off using a panel or individual research tasks depending on your budget, deadlines, and research capacity.

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