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Laura Calvert Shortlisted for AQR Young Disruptor Award 2019

Editor's note: This event has now taken place. You can read Laura's summary of the AQR Big Day Out conference here.

FlexMR’s Onboarding Manager and Client Success Manager, Laura Calvert, is leading her first seminar at AQR’s Big Day Out 2019. We are very pleased to announce that Laura has been shortlisted for the Young Disruptor Award to talk about the importance of customer communities and effective engagement techniques. AQR’s Big Day Out will be taking place on 6th June at the Mary Ward House in London this year.

Typically, when we talk about participant engagement, it is in reference to the act of fostering a connection between researchers and participants in order to enhance the value of the data and insights the participants generate. Laura is going to challenge the research industry to reframe the definition of engagement in order to enable researchers to encourage meaningful and strong connections between the members with the research questions and topics.

The Missed Opportunity in Customer Connection

A significant part of Laura’s role involves working with FlexMR’s clients to help them maximise the return on their investment into our InsightHub. A large number of businesses desire to run effective customer communities, and it is through this that Laura has gained experience and has realised a large missed opportunity within the industry.

Our current view of ‘engagement’ is about as useful as open-ended survey questions. It misses the real strength and benefit of a community environment, which is the inherent human desire to connect to other people. By reframing out view of engagement, we can nurture connections within the community which then represents the brand’s customer-base as a whole.

This is a powerful result, as it allows us to watch natural group dynamics and occurrences to play out and understand which issues cause friction and which are cohesive within the community. It provides a more holistic view of a customer-base that can include the impact on social and political issues, in addition to those that focus on the brand itself.

But this is no easy task. Laura will demonstrate vital techniques and two key elements that will allow this type of community to flourish under the careful watch of people like her.

About the Association for Qualitative Research

The Association for Qualitative Research was founded in 1980 and represents the interests of members in the qualitative research industry. The association has established itself as the internationally recognised Hub of Qualitative Thinking via education and training programs, seminars, networking opportunities and liaising with the wider research industry.

The AQR's core objective is to serve the interests of members through a range of initiatives. This includes defining and building an understanding of the commercial value of qualitative research, providing inspiring and valuable training courses, creating forums that facilitate debate and advance qualitative research methodology, promoting qualitative research as a career, providing networking opportunities and social events, and promoting the highest professional industry standards within the insight industry.

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