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Dave Russell to Present on Flowchart Interfaces at ASC Conference

Our Senior Software Developer, Dave Russell, will be presenting his first ever seminar at the ASC Conference in Ort House, London on 14th November. Dave will be exploring the topic of flowchart-based survey scripting in light of the new evolution of our SurveyMR tool.

Traditional survey scripting process is skilled and involved, and complexly unique to the tool that the researcher is using; meaning that a researcher can be proficient in survey scripting with one tool, but a complete novice when it comes to another. If this is the way for researchers, then other industry professionals who might want to conduct a bit of research have a very slim chance of producing a fully-functional and polished survey. We need to make the survey scripting process easier, and thus allow market research to be easier too.

Exploring How Flowchart-Based Survey Scripting Interfaces Achieve Better Research Outcomes

There are many dangers presented to us through bad surveys: from dead-end questions to a real risk of repetition and the omission of important questions, a good survey is far from easy to create. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Innovation while still holding onto the working roots of survey research is essential to the betterment of survey research. This session examines the impact of non-traditional scripting approaches, and the effect of UI on data quality.

Specifically, we will be focussing on flowchart-based survey scripting. Flowcharts are logical and, in most cases, easy to understand and follow. Adopting this visual layout within the scripting process makes it so much easier to understand, as you know exactly where a participant’s journey can take alternative paths. Dave will take you through the process of building a flowchart-based survey interface, and enable you to understand how the interface encourages users to make use of the broader range of filtering, logical and sample management options by simplifying and visualising routes on a single page.

While our SurveyMR tool is the first version of the new flowchart-based system, Dave will also consider how future developments to flowchart-based survey scripting engines will further improve end results; from building libraries of commonly used survey logic to speed up research processes, to automated testing that visually highlights breakpoints and reducing rates of errors – there’s a multitude of possibilities for this new visual survey scripting process.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the benefits of a visual survey scripting process to the wider business industries
  • Understand how to build a flowchart-based survey interface
  • Consider how future developments can further improve results
  • Consider how automation and AI can be applied to the new interface

About ASC Conference

The Association for Survey Computing are the world’s leading society for the advancement of knowledge in software and technology for research surveys and statistics. This particular conference; Delivering Better: Turning up the insight, value, speed & action, will focus on the end results and how recent innovations in technology and thinking is enhancing the results in different ways.

19-11 ASC

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