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Paul Hudson to Present ESOMAR Webinar on Activating Insight

Editor's Note: this webinar has now aired and can be accessed On Demand through the ESOMAR website and  Resources Library.

On November 12th at 5pm CEST (4pm GMT), FlexMR CEO Paul Hudson will present a webinar with ESOMAR on the Secret Art of Activating Consumer Insight. After the presentation there will be a live Q&A session where you will have the opportunity to ask your questions to Paul. 

Activating insight is a topic that traditionally isn’t discussed as much as the other areas of market research, and as such, isn’t innovated as much as it should be! With new technologies and methodologies infiltrating market research, it is vital that we innovate the reporting process so that it doesn’t become the weak link in the insight chain reaction. The challenge we have is that reports are usually written, or at a stretch, written in PowerPoint; in order to take full advantage of this last stage in the research process and enable our insights to be acted on, we need to think creatively to find a truly engaging solution.

The Secret Art of Activating Consumer Insights

To activate consumer insight and to influence the decision-making process, traditionally we look to have the right data, give it to the right people and deliver it at the right time. But nowadays there is so much data around that this approach doesn’t work anymore, and we have to look to another aspect: deliver it with the right medium.

During the webinar, Paul Hudson will explain the art of choosing the right medium with a high impact. High-impact mediums, such as video or interactive reports, need a much higher investment compared to the more traditional mediums, and it is still the case that the right people need to remember the key message from the data in order for it to be put to good use. However, this higher investment from the audience ensures that a vital connection is formed between them and the insights generated, and will result in a higher retention rate among key decision-makers.

Another, more creative, high-impact medium is art. Art has a significant quality that allows it to communicate key messages on a more emotional and instinctual level. In this webinar, Paul will explore our recent marketing campaign, in which we have used the medium of art to show the results of market research. In this section, Paul will set out 3 important strategies that we use to create a memorable picture of the insights and are based around keeping people’s attention, allowing the picture to take unexpected forms so that people have to look twice; this act of looking twice creates the necessary emotional impact that will result in the formation of vital long-term memories.

Key Takeaways:

  • Presenting the right data in the right way isn’t enough anymore
  • Examples of high-impact mediums that will transform the reporting process
  • Benefits of using a high-impact medium to activate insight
  • 3 ways to create memorable visuals: attention, novelty and emotion


Since 1947, ESOMAR has been the global voice of the data, research and insights community. It is a not-for profit organisation that promotes the value of market, opinion and social research and data analytics. They’ve been promoting ethical and professional guidance and advocating on behalf of their global membership community for over 70 years. ESOMAR provide fantastic resources and hold global events such as conferences, webinars, and rallies, which are open to all (some on a membership basis).

19-10 ESOMAR

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