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Chris Martin Explores the Use of Journalistic Principles in Market Research 

FlexMR is heading to the Insights Association South East Chapter Meeting on 9th May! Our Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Martin, has been chosen to lead a seminar on the fascinating topic: Using Journalistic Principles to Drive Informed Decisions. If you are attending too, make sure to say hello to Chris and our North American Client Development Manager, Heather Wendlandt.

This seminar focuses on the reporting side of market research, which an area that doesn’t usually have as much attention as conducting or data analytics stages, but is equally as important if not more. Translating the data into valuable insights can be tricky, but especially if you have to communicate them engagingly in a written report. Using journalistic principles can transform a research report into an exiting story that uses both words and space effectively to engage, entertain, and inform.

Using Journalistic Principles to Drive Informed Decisions

Crafting a research report and writing a news story are, in practice, similar endeavours. Both involve weaving data and opinion into a narrative that has a point. As researchers, we are often tasked with informing key business and marketing decisions; to do this effectively, we must not only run research projects - but also communicate the results and implications through these written reports to stakeholders and key decision-makers within the business. The main impact of a researcher's job, is enabling informed decisions to be made by providing key data and insights at the right times. 

But engaging people with data that is sometimes contrary to their own personal points of view is a tricky task. In this session, Chris will look at how the core principles of journalism can be applied to market research in order to drive engagement with research reports. Specifically, he will consider the concept of creating an information hierarchy, how to determine the reader's assumed level of understanding, and the positioning of information to create the most compelling narrative possible for maximum engagement with the content. We will also cover journalistic best practice that provide simple, but actionable advice that researchers can easily deploy at any time.

By the end of the session, attendees will be well equipped to translate data into meaningful reports that captivate their audience and keep decision-makers reading to the very end - which ensures that they have the full picture and notable contexts before any decisions are made.

Key Takeaways

  • How to use journalistic principles to write engaging, impactful research reports
  • Understanding how the audience and their goals impact writing styles
  • Be able to create stories out of data and opinion that inspire action
  • Best practices followed by journalists that will supercharge reports

About Insights Association South East Chapter Meeting

This event aims to further professional development with a jam-packed day of speaker sessions, panels, and workshops. This year’s event is hosted at the market research agency Lucid’s HQ in New Orleans, LA. Explore key trends impacting the industry and learn practical skills that will enhance your way of thinking about the many applications and nuances of market research.

This year, key delegates from a variety of market research agencies such as KnowledgeHound, Voxpopme, and L&E Research will be investigating how we can enhance current research processes, storytelling data narratives, and other important issues prevalent within the insights industry today.

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We love to meet passionate research and insight professionals. If you'd like to arrange a chat with one of our team at an event we'll be attending, contact Susan Hadden by email at susan.hadden@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.

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