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The insight and marketing industry events to meet our team at.

Paul Hudson to Chair B2B Myths Panel at MRS Conference

FlexMR’s CEO Paul Hudson will be heading to the MRS B2B Conference on 27th June 2019. Paul will be hosting a session alongside Sika’s Marketing Manager Peter Manning and Proagrica's Head of Insight Dan Hopper, in an MRS ‘In Conversation With…’ talk called Busting the myths around qualitative B2B engagement.

Common myths of qualitative research engagement that are believed across the B2B sector can be very harmful to a business’ processes and overall success. These myths actually come from an earlier era of B2B research experiences, yet, they are still perpetuated without any further validation. So, if you’re at the MRS B2B Conference, join Paul, Peter, and Dan in conversation at Radisson Blu Edwardian, London at 2:10pm.

Busting the Myths of B2B Qualitative Engagement

Paul will be chairing the discussion that aims to challenge the premise that B2B participants are difficult to engage in research, and especially qualitative research. This premise is a long-held misconception that is detrimental to effective B2B research projects. It has taken root in both the market research and business industries through word of mouth, and repetition; a falsehood such as this easily becomes truth if repeated and “validated” enough.

As all insight professionals know, qualitative research can be tricky at the best of times, but engaging B2B audiences in this type of research doesn’t have to be tricky at all, and most of the time isn’t! The myths that these three speakers will be exploring will be disproved through a range of best practices and personal hands-on experience of how best to attain and retain the attention and engagement of other business professionals. Paul, Peter, and Dan will discuss a range of alternate approaches for attracting, engaging and rewarding B2B research participants that have been and are continually proving effective within their own industries.

Key Takeaways

  • Myth-busting common misconceptions with B2B qual engagement
  • Understanding the truth behind the differences between B2B and B2C research engagement
  • Best practices for insight professionals to follow when conducting B2B qual research
  • Alternate approaches to engaging B2B research participants

About MRS B2B Summit 2019

Fresh insight methodologies for new business conundrums; the Future of B2B Research conference will showcase some superb examples of how businesses are using innovative research methodologies to deliver exceptional business insights. Explore new approaches to delivering strategic and tactical insights to power better business decision making. Find solutions to some of the age-old issues associated with B2B research, as well as solutions to the ever-growing list of new issues.

Alongside our own panel, there will be presentations, panels, and seminars from the top professionals in the B2B industry. We are particularly looking forward to checking out the new innovations within B2B with businesses like Colt, BAMM, and Savanta, and then exploring avant-garde insight-led communications with Populus, Natwest, Opinium, and many more.

This conference was created by The Market Research Society (MRS), which is the world's leading research association. For all those who need, generate or interpret the evidence for making good business and policy decisions.

19-06 MRS B2B

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