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The insight and marketing industry events to meet our team at.

Chris Martin to Speak on Insights Career Development at MRS &more Conference

There is a brand-new professional conference on the market research scene! FlexMR’s CMO Chris Martin will be presenting at MRS first annual &more Conference on the topic of Building a Personal Brand. This event takes place on 24th October at Unilever House, London.

This session will give young researchers the insights they need to create their own personal brand, their own personality within the market research industry. This topic is something that will not come readily to mind when many people think about Market Research. Focussing on your own brand when you’ve been so involved in representing a larger organisation’s brand can be tough, but this new perspective will enable young researchers to find their own strengths and work to advertise those to new employers and clients.

Building a Personal Brand: Advice from a Young Insights Industry Marketer

Market researchers love to talk about insight; the aha moment of clarity found in a stream of data. But if everyone is selling insight – then what makes a technology, an agency or even an individual researcher stand out?

Chris will explore how young researchers can take advantage of the insights boom to find their points of parity and difference that form the basis of a strong personal brand. And, he’ll walk through how to blend industry tropes, classical marketing theory and lifelong skills to launch a highly successful career. In this, there are three key steps that form the basis of a personal brand:

Step 1: Focus

A market researcher doesn’t just handle market research anymore. A market research also has to be a behavioural scientist, a data scientist, a mediator, and so much more in order to cover the range and breadth of tools and techniques now underneath the market research umbrella. But that isn’t to say that you can’t specialise in the area you enjoy most. A specialism will give a personal brand some much needed direction and depth.

Step 2: Brand Building

To build a personal brand, its important to define what makes you unique and making that your defining angle. When the angle is determined, the tone and content fall easily into place. There are a variety of tools available to help you; from conferences such as this to online courses and articles, young researchers have all the resources they need to build up a strong personal brand.

Step 3: Continuous Learning

This final stage is crucial.  Market research is a fluid, constantly-evolving industry, and in order to brand yourself as an expert in your field, you need to be continuously relearning what it means to be an expert, keeping yourself updated with the latest tools and techniques. Keeping up with the evolution of the industry means keeping up and evolving your personal brand and skillset right alongside it.

To find out more about these stages of building a personal brand, make sure to catch Chris’ presentation at 2pm.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the importance of a personal build
  • Learn how to build a strong personal brand
  • Discover the benefits that having a personal brand can bring
  • Explore factors to build up your own personal brand, and evolve/maintain it in the future.

About MRS &more Conference

This is a brand-new one-day MRS conference in its first year, designed especially for young professionals working in research and analytics. Filled with interesting seminars, interactive sessions, and brilliant networking opportunities, this conference enables young insight professionals to identify skills and techniques they can use to elevate their thinking, learn about new methodologies, and build strong careers within the insights industry. This conference was created by The Market Research Society (MRS), which is the world's leading research association.

19-10 MRS andMore

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