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Charles Pearson to Present NewMR Webinar on Flowcharts in Survey Design

On October 30th at 2pm UK time, Charles Pearson will take part in the NewMR Data Collection Update webinar, presenting alongside Betty Adamou from Research Through Gaming and Jason Widjaja of Conjoint.ly. The session, How to Use Flow Charts in Survey Design will look at how new approaches to survey scripting can help balance the desire for detailed insight with the need to provide engaging survey experiences.

Each of the three presentations will be followed by a live Q&A session where you'll have the opportunity to put your questions to the presenters. The update will be moderated by Ray Poynter and will be available on the NewMR Play Again library after airing.

Creating Better Survey Outcomes

When we think about how to create better survey outcomes, a lot of weight is placed on the participant experience. And we're not wrong to do so. But, for a long time, the survey programming and scripting interfaces of online tools have been left in the dark - with little innovation and only incremental change. Is it time to change that? It's fair to say that there are a number of improvements that could be made to the user experience of creating and programming a survey - that will lead to better research, better participant experiences and better outcomes.

In this webinar, Charles Pearson - SVP of Business Development at FlexMR - looks at one way we can start to improve the survey design process. Charles will present a comprehensive overview of how to use flowcharts to speed up and improve programming simulataneously. He will look at a number of factors that contribute to complications in modern survey design, such as competing questions and business interests as well as how survey logic is currently visualised.

The session will put forward the case for developing a shared visual language for survey logic that can be understood by DIY users and experienced researchers alike. It will also investigate the use of subroutines to create visual survey maps that can be viewed at different levels of detail. Finally, the webinar will also showcase how subroutines can be used to build libraries of components that go further than simple question libraries by incorporating pre-built logical flows and processes.

Key Takeaways:

  • A deep understanding of how to apply flowchart design principles and interfaces to survey scripting
  • Practical methods for overcoming the challenges posed by complex survey question and routing logic
  • An appreciation for the benefits that subroutines offer both experienced and DIY researchers above libraries
  • Practical advice that leads to better survey outcomes through improvements in the design and scripting phase

To register for the Data Collection Update webinar and reserve your spot, follow this link to the NewMR website and follow the on screen instructions.

About NewMR

NewMR is an online website managed by Ray Poynter and Sue York. It is operated by The Future Place. NewMR offers webinars and blogs on emerging trends, opportunities and technologies in the research industry - which leaders from across the space can contribute to. The site has been running for over half a decade; providing valuable and stimulating discussions to insights professionals across that time. 

The website has hosted over 250 presentations and slides, all stillavailable through the Play Again library - in addition to over 200 blog posts. In addition to the site, NewMR operates a LinkedIn group that acts as an extension of its web presence.

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