How to generate agile insight

Discover how you can leverage iterative research design for more effective insight.

Agile market research is often mistaken for little more than a faster, cheaper alternative to traditional methods. However this oversimplification ignores much of what makes agile research unique. Research that clains to be agile should not focus on speed, but rather effectiveness, eliminating unneccessary wasteages of time, budget and resources.

To make full use of agile market research methods, researchers must adapt to a number of new concepts. From a flat insights heirarchy that is self governing to burndown charts, iterative timescales that work on bi-weekly cycles & more. Though there are significant adjustments that must be made, the potential rewards for researchers that adopt agile methods are huge. Download now to find out how to:

  • Define roles & responsibilities within a research team
  • Create a process that enables the sharing of information
  • Use burndown charts to plan agile research activities
  • Scale agile market research solutions effectively