The Relationship between Authenticity, Trust and Consumer Insights

Find out how authenticity, trust, and consumer insights interlink with one another to for a powerful concoction of knowledge and influence when it comes to developing a successful brand strategy; and discover the role market research plays in making that strategy a reality.

Brand authenticity is a term that has been thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? Are there any brands who are truly authentic, or is this another impossible standard that businesses have set themselves in the hope of attaining customer loyalty?

To understand the relationship between these three values, a working knowledge of each must be gained, to lay the foundation of understanding for the intricate nature of this relationship. Once the term authenticity has been understood in a business sense, the rest fall neatly into place. The connotations of authenticity and trust can be easily connected, and the role of insights in this relationship comes to light. 

While the relationship might seem like an unlikely recipe for brand success, together they form the basis of a uniquely agile and reliable strategy of business development. Using three distinctly different brands: Patagonia, Dove, and McDonald's, explore how and why they have achieved a place in the brand authenticity hall of fame. Download this free whitepaper to find out:

  • The intricate relationship between authenticity, trust, and insights
  • The three different levels to the definition 'Authenticity'
  • Which brands have come the closest to being truly authentic
  • How to use market research to become agile in your quest for customer loyalty