The Gulf in Client-Agency Relationships – Challenges and Solutions

Find out from brands and research agency respondents what the challenges in the client-agency relationship are through their own personal experience, and the solutions to which the bridge between them might be fixed.

For those working in the insights industry, whether as in-house or agency insight professionals, we can agree that there is a significant gulf in the relationship between the two parties - but why?

That is what we intend to explore in this whitepaper; after conducting a series of qualitative interviews with five different brand representatives and five FlexMR representatives, we have unveiled a number of fascinating insights about the impressions, expectations, and perceived value of market research, and the process by which we generate insights.

With serious analysis and insight activation, we can take the insights generated from our research, and start the create a bridge to bridge the gap between clients and agencies, and foster a new relationship where everyone is one the same page. Download this free whitepaper to:

  • Why there is a gap between clients and agencies when it comes to market research
  • Explore the challenges that crop up with both parties
  • Understand the expectations when conducting market research on both sides
  • Discover what we can do to bridge the gap and foster close relationships throughout the research process