Collaboration & Curation - Two Approaches to Stakeholder Engagement

Discover two different approaches to engaging stakeholders in market research; collaboration and curation engage stakeholders in two different stages of the research process, but both aim to drive insight-powered decision-making processes throughout the research experience.

Stakeholder engagement is a hot topic in market research, mainly due to the fact that this engagement is what powers the industry to greatness and keeps us on our toes looking for the next new evolution of market research to better our offering.

As a part of this, insight teams are also looking for new ways to attain and keep stakeholder engagement in the different stages of the research process, whether that's from the very start, or simply within the reporting and activation stages of research. But which is the better stage to engage stakeholders in? Which is the most impactful? 

The key to understanding how to engage stakeholders in impactful research is to understand the importance of their role within the process, their level of knowledge and experience of research, and the capabilities of the insight team. Download this free whitepaper to:

  • Discover the importance of stakeholder engagement
  • Understand the factors that point towards the best engagement strategy
  • Enhance the influence of insights on stakeholders
  • Explore two different strategies that work to increase stakeholder engagement