Dissecting the Success of Customer-Obsessed Brands

Find out how and why customer-obsessed brands are so successful; customer experience is more than just a goal, it's an important facet of overall business success. 

Customer obsession is a strategy that is becoming increasingly necessary if brands want to become a tough competitor within their market. Research and Insights are the key stepping stones to customer-obsession success, but these resources need to be applied correctly in order to feel the benefit.

Within this whitepaper, we explore the success of two brands: Amazon and JetBlue Airways in order to demonstrate the different ways customer-obsession can be interpreted and applied successfully. Amazon the definition of 'customer obsession' very literally, with an almost obsessively detailed approach, whereas JetBlue take a more laid-back, but attentive approach with their strategy. 

But businesses must beware when planning their strategy, for customer obsession is not the same as 'customer-aware' and there is a high level of commitment needed from businesses to break through the barriers separating the benefits of customer-aware and customer obsession.

Measuring the success of a strategy can be tricky with the variations currently at play across the industries, but thankfully there are defining features of a successful customer-obsession strategy that transcend variation. Download this free whitepaper to find out:

  • The key contextual influences behind the need for customer-obsession
  • The differences in successful customer obsession strategies currently at play
  • The barriers between being 'customer-aware' and 'customer-obsessed'
  • How to measure the success of a customer-obsessed brand