Building an effective CX framework

Brand + Customer + Product + Employee: A modern guide to CX success in 2018

Customer experience has been a buzzword in commerce for a number of years now associated for many with acronyms such as CEM, VoC, CRM and UX. All are about customer experience in some way – but all tend to advocate monitoring from one particular angle. In today’s hyper-connected world that’s not enough.

With the Internet firmly embedded in everything we do, your customers and potential customers are exposed to your brand constantly. Their experience begins way before purchase and continues way beyond consumption. Indeed, if their first point of call with your brand is negative, they may not become the customer they would have even 5 years ago.  If their last point of call is negative, repeat custom and advocacy will take a hit. The customer experience then is end-to-end, encompassing customer experience of course but also brand, product, and yes, employee experience.

The end-to-end customer experience recognises that from a customer perspective every experience they have with you is inextricably linked, and that each agency is intertwined with the other.

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