Insight Frameworks - A Guide to Composing Research Strategy

Explore the importance of Insight Frameworks for the construction of market research strategies, how these Frameworks can help insight professionals truly understand stakeholders, and guide research design in a way that is truly tailored to their goals, desires and needs.

Designing a research strategy that works efficiently is fraught with challenges and a variety of considerations that can be hard to keep track of; and even then, as an industry we're still not hitting the maximum impact of reach and efficiency when the insights are in the activation stage.  How do we solve this?

An insight framework might just be the answer we need. Insight frameworks seek to understand what insights and actions stakeholders need out of market research and what obstacles are in the way to achieving that; this helps insight teams design the right research strategy to achieve the results desired.

But the key to releasing the true impact of insight frameworks, and thus research strategies, is the relationships insight professionals and stakeholders build along the way. Download this free whitepaper to:

  • Discover the power of insight frameworks
  • Understand how to better connect with stakeholders
  • Increase the scope of insight reach within stakeholder organisations 
  • Explore how to change mindsets sustainably both within the insights industry and externally