How to design a market research chatbot

Discover how chatbots can be utlised for the benefit of market research today and prepare for the research 'bots of the future.

During the last 12 months, chatbots have boomed in popularity.  Many businesses have launched customer service ‘bots via their websites with marketing ‘bots following in hot pursuit.  Some of these chatbots can even facilitate the purchase of goods without redirecting the user.  An new ilk of ‘conversational commerce’.

It’s a brave new robotic world but what of market research?  Can this artificial intelligence technology support or even take the place of the qualitative research professional?  Can 'true qual' now be realised on a mass level?

Download this free whitepaper to find out:

  • The artificial intelligence required by a chatbot to emulate a qual researcher
  • How rule-based pattern recognising chatbots can be applied to market research
  • How context-based learning chatbots can be applied to market research
  • Whether a chatbot can really take the place of a human in the qual research process