Decoding Complex Visual Responses in Online Communities

Find out why visual responses have become a staple of everyday communication, enable consumers to express their opinions and become an important aspect of modern market research.

Our language has grown increasingly diverse in it’s communicative potential, so much so that parts of it transcends cultural barriers and can be interpreted fairly accurately by members of societies of many different languages if taken at face value.

Those parts are predominantly and increasingly in the form of visual communications such as GIFs, Emoji’s, Stickers, and Memes. But with visual communication slowly being incorporated into market research, how are researchers to accurately interpret the responses and generate valuable insights?

Within this whitepaper, we discuss the application of two schools of semiotics, structural and social, in the interpretation of these visual responses. Structural semiotics takes the visual responses at face value, allowing everyone to put together complex interpretations no matter the context, whereas social semiotics analyses is very dependent on context. 

Visual responses provide easier communication between all respondents no matter their native language, and results in quicker data collection times due to this easier interaction. While this is fantastic news for the results of the insights industry, this impact also facilitates slicker business development. Download this free whitepaper to find out:

  • The importance of visual communication in market research
  • The differences between Structural and Social Semiotics
  • How to use both schools of semiotics for visual interpretation
  • Understand the uses of visual insights in market research