The FlexMR guide to mobile research

Learn how to make the most out of your mobile market research with this quick start guide.

Mobile market research is an increasingly important aspect of any marketing strategy. Able to offer in-the-moment feedback, a robust and device agnostic project can bring to light insights that would never have otherwise been possible. So you might think that mobile research projects are difficult to run. But in reality, it has never been easier.

In this free whitepaper, our experts describe the basic steps to setting up your first mobile study. We explain the types of projects best suited to mobile platforms, as well as best practises for recruitment and design. You'll also learn how mobile respondants behave and how you can tailor your approach for maximum impact. Download now to discover:

  • Recruitment methods that effectively engage consumers in-situ
  • Best practices for ensuring a device agnostic design
  • The anatomy of a mobile market research project
  • Behavioural differences between traditional & mobile respondents