Jump Starting Community and Research Engagement

Find out how to increase participant engagement within a market research community for better quality data and insights; the engagement tactics for offline and online research communities differ, but the results have a startling effect.

As any insight professional knows, the level of engagement a researcher will get from an online research community or participants within a research project can be quite unpredictable. This level of engagement is subject to change depending on many factors, including the participants themselves, the research task at hand, the type of day the researcher has had,  the specific alignment of the stars... 

While there is no 'best way' to interact with respondents, there are tips and tactics insight professionals can use to boost research engagement. Firstly, knowing what engagement is will be of great benefit to all researchers, as it will provide the base for better designed research tasks and researcher-participant interactions.

Researcher interaction and encouragement is a great tool for increasing engagement within research communities. Within this whitepaper, we explore the different ways researcher interaction can encourage engagement within online research communities, but also how the design of the research itself can enhance engagement through simple variety and complex innovation

The benefits of encouraging engagement are plentiful for all parties involved. The researcher will have a better quality and more accurate pool of data to analyse and draw insights from, the participants will have a more enjoyable research experience and so will be willing to provide as much detail as necessary, and the client can make more informed decisions at the speed of business. Download this free whitepaper to find out:

  • What it means to be 'engaged' as a participant and a researcher
  • The different characteristics of and motivations for research engagement
  • How to engage participants as a researcher within their online community
  • How to engage participants through effective research design