Seven damaging market research mistakes

Read how to spot and avoid 7 of the most damaging market research mistakes.

Conducting and managing professional market research (the kind that provides actionable insight & informs decisions) is not easy. In fact, even the most seasoned market research professionals are prone to the occasional mistake. But it's important to remember that not all mistakes are equal. These are 7 of the most damaging, yet common, mistakes we see across the market research industry as a whole.

From choosing the wrong incentive to not making full use of research results. Inside this whitepaper, we describe how to not only spot, but also avoid 7 of the most common mistakes. The advice in this PDF is vital to building a successful and credible research department that can secure the budget it deserves. Download now to find out how to:

  • Avoid overpromising & under-delivering on research projects
  • Decide on the appropirate level of incentive for participants
  • Conduct effective projects that achieve their original aim
  • Make full use of market research results & evidence impact