Emotion, reason and behaviour: A research model for uncovering truth

Find out how to conduct market research in order to accurately predict future consumer behaviour within a post-truth era. 

As society enters an age of post-truth, market researchers are struggling to know whether they can trust consumer intention to accurately reflect future consumer behaviour. 

Most insights produced within the market research industry are typically collated through the written or spoken word of participants, but in an age of post-truth, businesses now cannot rely on words alone in order to inform important decisions.

The notion of 'post-truth' endangers the insights industry as it tends to make consumer behaviour unpredictable. In order to assuage this danger businesses must understand how much distance there is between consumer intention and consumer action, in order to bridge that gap and produce accurate insights to better inform business decisions. 

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  • The effect of post-truth on consumer insights
  • How to measure the gap between consumer intention and action
  • How to create a research model to produce accurate insights
  • How to redefine 'truth' and predict future consumer behaviour