The applications of VR in market research

Find out when and how to apply virtual reality as a market research methodology and the effects of doing so on participants and insight.

Once described as the epitome of human empathy, virtual reality has been a hot topic in the market research industry for some time. Few have made moves to integrate this technology however, due to public adoption lags.

By 2020 the virtual reality market will be worth 20 times its 2016 value. Light mobile headsets like Google’s Cardboard will see a 30% reduction in shipments in 2017, while premium devices will triple. Mainstream VR is coming now, at speed. And market researchers must be ready.

Like all research methodologies VR is not a ‘one size fits all' approach. It is best suited to certain study types. So what are the actual opportunities for VR in research practice? How are we going to apply this innovative technology to achieve richer insight?

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  • The benefits of virtual reality in market research
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  • How to apply virtual reality as a research methodology