Voice assist: Using smart speakers as a consumer research channel

Find out how smart speakers can be used as a market research tool; the impact of which means that more market research can be automated and a wider range of participants can be reached.

Smart technology is infiltrating the everyday lives of consumers at a remarkable rate. Voice Assistants especially are becoming increasingly popular as they provide convenience and entertainment in one neat package.

As more consumers adopt Voice Assistants, this opens up a great opportunity for a dedicated market research channel, in which voice assistants can automate some of the research tasks typically carried out by moderators and researchers. Quant research in particular can be enhanced through the use of these smart speakers.

Embedding machine learning capabilities, such as voice and emotion analysis, into these smart speakers, means that empathy and initiative is also able to be automated for better research ethics and results. 

Active data collection through a consumer research channel eases the concerns for privacy and enables research to be non-intrusive enjoyable experiences, with perks for both participants and researchers. Download this free whitepaper to find out:

  • How smart speakers can be adapted for a consumer research channel
  • Applications for smart speakers in both passive and active data collection
  • How empathy can be automated through machine learning
  • The benefits of researching through smart speakers for both consumers and businesses